Leave a Kind Paw Print
January 6, 2020


Welcome to Pets, People and Me, a community of characters that sparks imagination and comes to life in books written for young children ages 3-6. Themes in the books encourage laughter, kindness, compassion, teamwork, facing struggles, and most of all, the importance of family and friends. Many of the characters are based on family members. Whether domesticated or wild, animals serve as teachers to us all.

January 5, 2020

Have a Great Life!

Cats bring home prey — bugs, lizards, birds and mice — to feed their kittens, and it may be that your cat thinks you need feeding too. It is also possible that your cat may be bringing you these gifts as thanks for the food you give him. Our cat Murray was a wonderful gift giver! He would regularly gift us mice. In nearly all cases they were unharmed. That’s when the fun began.

January 4, 2020


Misty knows when it’s Thursday at 4:45. It’s time for her human’s piano lesson. As the piano begins to echo throughout the house, she comes trotting into the living room to find my lap. If my student or I leave our seats, she immediately replaces us. Sometimes Misty will even interrupt a lesson by getting in the way of my student’s hands while he plays. “She only does this when you’re here,” I’m told.