Leave a Kind Paw Print

About Pets People and Me

Animals are our friends, teachers, family members and companions. 
They have a way of working their way into our hearts.
We like to imagine a magical world where animals have a secret life and identity.Our goal is to bring these animals to life through their adventures with friends.In each of the books you will discover a world of fun, compassion and cooperation
—all great lessons young children are eager to learn.

We are always working on new books. We invite you to become part of the family. Your children will love it and so will your animal friends.

About the author

Monica McGue was inspired by Georgette, a West Highland White Terrier. A dog has been part of Monica's life, along with horses and other farm animals, since she was born. Young Monica developed a passion for animals, whether trying to saddle the family's horse at the age of two, or putting bows on Max the Basset Hound. These early experiences created an understanding of the important bond between humans and animals, whom Monica considers family members, friends, and teachers. Monica's first book captures Georgette's friends, which reflect kindness, inclusiveness, and compassion.

About the Illustrator

Toby Cowan has been a designer/illustrator from an early age. As a child, he would spend endless hours drawing. His junior-high graduation gift was a drafting table. Cats have always been part of his family life along with dogs. He believes that animals know more than we give them credit and, if we pay attention, can teach us wondrous lessons.