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Georgette’s Day in the Country

Ben, the rooster crows, “cock-a-doodle-doo”! Belle, the donkey, greets Georgette at her window. It is a new day at the farm, Georgette and her friends work together tending the lemon grove but there will be plenty of time to play hide and seek. Everyone is accounted for but the goat, Jelly Bean! Where could he be?

Georgette’s Day in the Mountains

“Wooo wooooo,” the whistle blows as the train pulls into the station. Georgette hops off to greet her friends. Blanketed with snow, the mountain is a place for fun activities. Skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating are packed into the day. Truckee Dawg, Dolly and Angel join Georgette on the mountain teaching her how to be safe in the snow. The warm fire will feel good at the end of the day.

Smokey and Sam

“Neigh”! The horse wakes everyone up in the stable. Smokey, the rocking horse feels the sunshine and his sidekick, Sam, yawns. It’s another fun day. Here comes the oats and hay for breakfast. Smokey imagines himself frolicking with the horses. Ever faithful, Smokey gives children their first ride. What secret does he share with Lancelot at the end of the day?

Cheddar’s Barn

“Squeak! Squeak”! Cheddar the Mouse is giving orders to everyone in the barn. He may be little, but he is mighty, keeping everything in order — Whatley the Pig there, Blossom the Cow here. A summer storm blows in and the barn creaks and shakes leaving quite a mess, but Cheddar gets it all in order. Oh! There’s a surprise when Blue-Eyed girl shows up. What does she know?

Georgette’s Day at the Beach


“Boom! Crash! Whoosh”! The waves rush to shore and Georgette scampers along the edge of the water. Peter the Porpoise with a Purpose, leaps and dives in the waves. Georgette and her friend, Sandy, have fun digging along the shore. What do they find?

Truckee Dawg


The wind whistles and blows. Who can be outside on a day like this? It’s Truckee Dawg patrolling and keeping an eye on everyone having fun on the slopes. There’s Gerald on an icy patch spinning with paws flying in every direction. It may be chilly but Truckee Dawg shows everyone how to stay warm and safe and still have fun in the snow.

Dr. Chew Boney

“Woof! Woof”! Dr. Chew Boney is into everyone’s business checking up on his friends to see if they are all right. He’s taking care of everybody – he thinks. With so many friends he’s very busy. His sidekick, Squirrel McNutt leads Dr. Chew Boney all around. Dr. Chew Boney teaches his friends to always care about each other.


Wheel's Waggin' Tales

“Play Ball!” Wheels loves playing “nose ball”. Even though Wheels’ back legs do not work well he can really move. He is one fast pooch. Wheels does things none his of friends think possible. His close friend Cleo the Cat chases him. Where do they end up?