September 28, 2018

Hanging at the Firehouse with Chief

I live at the firehouse and love when my friends stop by to hang out with me. Back in the day, dogs like me ran ahead of the fire engines to warn people and horses to step aside...the fire engines were on the way! While I have plenty to do at the firehouse, I find time to play with my friends at the nearby park. But, if I hear the “clang, clang” of the bell coming from the firehouse, that means back to the firehouse I go to serve my community.

Sometimes when the firemen aren’t looking, I let my friends climb onto the fire trucks! I have to keep my eye on Cleo since she likes to bang the bell. Georgette likes to pretend she’s driving.

Love, Chief


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September 21, 2018

Dandelion Wishes

We’re the twins. We always do everything together. We love running through the fields of Dandelions and when we blow on them we get to make a wish. The only way our friends can tell us apart is by size. Who do you think is bigger? We are a great team and always share with each other. Sometimes we fool our friends as to who’s who. Even though we are identical, playing with others who do not look like us is fun.

Love, Max and Maxine

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April 26, 2018

Georgette’s Day in the City

Georgette’s Day in the City is the first of many books to come. Here’s what Georgette has to say: “This is a story of how my friends and I spend a day in the city park. We have lots of fun playing ‘nose ball.’ Being inclusive, aware and playing as a team is always the best, remembering that kindness is our motto! I hope you enjoy my day in the city, and look forward to sharing more adventures with you soon!”
Love, Georgette
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